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ISIS has a very specific agenda. But so few are aware of what their strange prophetic beliefs are and what is motivating them. The world has been shocked as it has witnessed ISIS with their fierce persecution of Christians and anybody else that stands in their way. What is the real motivation behind ISIS, and why they are doing what they’re doing? Why is the phrase “prophetic methodology” written on their paraphernalia such as their billboards, their coins, their magazines. Why did they intentionally decapitate Christians on the banks of Libya and allow their blood to flow into the Mediterranean Sea right across from Europe?

ISIS is a huge issue, and they have an agenda. But most people don’t know what they’re really about and what they  believe. ISIS’ stated intention is to establish something a “Caliphate.”

What is a Caliphate?

A Caliphate is a society based on Islamic law. In the extreme Islamic mentality, the Caliphate is the only righteous government. Any other government, based on any other law, is illegitimate. To set up a worldwide Caliphate they feel is extremely important, so important, they believe that it’s even prophetic.

The Islamic state is no mere collection of psychopaths, it is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs among them that it (ISIS) is a key agent in the coming apocalypse.

Graham Wood (journalist), Atlantic monthly

ISIS sees itself as a key agent in the coming apocalypse?

Yes! All of ISIS’ decisions are based on something called the “Prophetic Methodology.” And they believe that they are a key agent in establishing the new Messianic kingdom.

So let’s go back to our original question. Why?

Why were 21 Christians slain on banks of Libya while their blood was allowed to run into the Mediterranean Sea right across from Europe? ISIS believes that the final battle between good and evil will be fought in a city called Dabiq.

Now why were those people’s blood allowed to flow towards Europe? The armies of the West, who they believe are infidels, will be led in the end by none other than the pope of Rome. Through the leadership of the pope of Rome, the armies of the West will sweep across Europe and come down to the city of Dabiq to fight with ISIS. At that time, they believe the entire force of ISIS will then meet the armies of the West at the city of Dabiq, and they will have one last showdown, one final battle.

At the beginning of this battle, they believe the armies of Rome will appear to have the upper hand and will kill all but 5,000 of ISIS’ forces. Then they will be driven back to Jerusalem, and there the Mahdi will appear.

Who is the Mahdi?

The Mahdi is the Islamic Messiah, the Islamic Redeemer. He will then lead the forces of ISIS to defeat the armies of the West. Then the glorious kingdom of Islam will shine, and righteousness will fill the entire world.

How does this scenario fit into end-time Bible prophecy? It’s very interesting that the Bible also says that there will be one final battle at the end of the world, the battle of Armageddon.

What does the book of Revelation reveal about Islam and the role they play in end-time events? Does the Bible actually predict that ISIS could be involved as a key agent, bringing upon this world the battle of Armageddon?

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God bless you in your pursuit of truth.

Written by Jennifer Arruda