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Hello, my name is Gabriel Arruda.

Revealed Revealed Today is prophecy made clear! As a motivational speaker and Bible prophecy specialist, it is my mission to share God's end-time message with all people and to expose Satan's deceptions. I am a northern California native and have been traveling nationally and internationally for the last 10 years teaching the uplifting message of the Bible. I specialize in making the mysteries of Bible prophecy clear and easy-to-understand for everyone.

To give my Bible prophecy seminars explaining the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation a wider audience, I created this website. Prophecy is rapidly fulfilling friends! Now is the time get ready for what's coming ahead, because knowledge rightly applied can save your life. Keep checking in as I'll be regularly featuring the latest prophetic fulfillments!


Bible prophecy reveals that the Antichrist will very soon attempt to force everyone to receive the Mark of the Beast. He does this by controlling your ability to make and spend money (Revelation 13:16, 17). The world’s current economic situation is heading towards a consolidated global world economy. Most people are vulnerable because they don’t know what the Mark of the Beast is, and they don’t even know who the Antichrist is who will enforce the Mark. But you can be prepared for the deceptions of the Antichrist and you can escape the Mark of the Beast.
  • I loved it! The book of Revelation always confused me. I prayed to God for wisdom on the subject and thanks to Gabriel, now I understand the things that are essential for my spiritual growth. Very powerful deliverance. I give it 5 stars.
    ― Ambar C. ―
  • Some of the things that I learned were surprising to me, but they’re in the Bible.
    ― James B. ―
  • Whether you are searching to understand Bible prophecy, or enrich your current understanding, this professional, clearly-presented series will challenge you to seek the TRUTH that comes straight from God’s word.
    ― Kindra G. ―
  • It was very clarifying on many issues that I’ve wanted to understand better all my life.
    ― Sergio R. ―
  • This DVD series was an eye opener! The imagery alone helped me understand concepts within the Bible that I never could quite grasp.
    Nicole K., Social Worker
  • The Mark of the Beast was made plain. I can see now how that relates to the real Antichrist.
    Mark T., Attorney
  • It was easy to understand. Revelation was really revealed during this seminar. It was life changing, that’s all I can say... It was life changing.
    Kodi P., Student
  • I never read the book of Revelation because I was petrified of it. So everything I learned was new, and it took a lot of my fear away.
    Stormy S., Retired


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