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Who ever heard of an autoimmune disease 30 years ago? But now it seems that you either have an autoimmune disease or you know someone who does. Autoimmune disorders range from Lupus, Hashimoto’s, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, PCOS, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s, type 1 diabetes, Graves’ disease rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, vitiligo just to name a few. The symptoms are very diverse but some common ones are food allergies, rashes, ADHD, headaches, and lack of energy. Autoimmune Disorders don’t seem to discriminate either effecting all levels of society, old, young, rich, poor, men, women and even children. Women however seem to be effected the most and is considered the “eighth leading cause of death among women, shortening their average lifespan by fifteen years.” (1)

Despite this wide spread presence of autoimmune diseases, “surveys show that more than 90 percent of people cannot summon the name of a single autoimmune disease when asked to name one specifically.” (2)

My own life has been deeply effected by autoimmune diseases. My grandmother on my mothers side died of autoimmune liver cirrhosis in 2002, my mother died of autoimmune liver cirrhosis in 2013, and later that year after some testing I found out I had the same disease. After testing I found my liver enzymes were at abnormal and I got a list of 15 foods that my body was having an autoimmune reaction to. I had to change my diet radically almost over night. By divine appointment God introduced me to the most cutting edge autoimmune treatment protocol. After faithfully doing this protocol, in just 9 months from the time of my diagnosis I had blood-work done and praise the Lord currently all my inflammation markers are negative! My body is showing no more signs of autoimmune disorder. I’m considering putting together an in-depth ebook covering this protocol detailing exactly how I have reversed my autoimmune disorder. I’m curious to know who many people would be interested in learning this protocol so if that’s you please tell me by leaving a comment below & sign up for our newsletter.  I’ll contact you if and when it comes out.

According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association,

“approximately 50 million Americans, 20 percent of the population or one in five people, suffer from autoimmune diseases. Women are more likely than men to be affected; some estimates say that 75 percent of those affected–some 30 million people–are women.” (3)

What happened? How did we go from not even hearing about autoimmune disorders to one in five people being suffering from it? I will show you in this article that God actually predicted such an epidemic and has not left His children without a solution. Jesus is as much a healer today as He was on earth 2,000 years ago.

Autoimmune diseases show no signs of slowing down. In 2008 Nearly 24 million Americans suffered from autoimmune diseases, and eight years later that figure has doubled to approximately 50 million. At this rate it looks like autoimmune diseases could easily be the next great health care crisis. The global autoimmune disease diagnostics market was valued at $12.3 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow to reach an estimated value of $17.1 billion in 2023. (4)

How Autoimmune Diseases Work
What exactly is autoimmunity? Autoimmunity is a civil war in the body. It’s a bodies own immune system attacking it’s own healthy cells and tissues. How and why does it happen? Why would the bodies own defense system start attacking it’s own healthy tissues and cells? Our bodies have been given an incredible immune system by God to protect us from the multitudes of bacteria, viruses, and other toxic substances that we are constantly being exposed to in this sinful world. This system is very good at doing it’s job and if we don’t weaken our own immune system by violating the laws of health with activities such as stress, lack of sleep, and eating unhealthy foods the immune system will marvelously protect us.

Here’s the catch with autoimmunity. When a foreign toxic substance enters the body, the body attacks it. One of the biggest sources of toxic substances that we are continually exposed to is something we actually paying for. Something we are in fact willingly introducing into our bodies. It’s our food! Yes, almost every American on a daily basis is eating food that the body is actually recognizing as dangerous toxins, and therefore is attacking it. As a result the first place where your immune system begins its attack of these toxic foods is the small intestine. If we’re introducing these toxins into our bodies on a continual basis the attack continues on a continual basis. This continual attack creates inflammation in the small intestines, and eventually breaks down its walls to the extent that the walls actually become permeable. This permeability is what is called leaky gut syndrome.

Since the small intestines are damaged this causes two problems. First you’re not digesting your foods optimally so a percentage of your food becomes only partially  digested. These partially digested particles can create problems and the body can start having an allergic reaction to these foods. Now you have food allergies! One of the most common symptoms of autoimmunity. Second, now that your gut is permeable both the toxins and the partially digested food particles get out into your bloodstream then go throughout your entire body and lodge in your organs and tissues. When immune system finds it, it attacks it, as well as whatever organ or tissue it’s lodged in. This creates an autoimmune disease.

The Cause – Toxic Foods
So what are these toxic foreign substances that we’re eating? The sad truth is there are toxins all through out modern foods but the biggest sources is the genetically modified foods commonly known as GMOs. Why are GMOs toxic? It’s because these are foods that have been modified at the cellular level to be resistant to some pesticide that the farmer wants to spray on the crop. Since these foods are modified at the cellular level when you ingest them the body does not recognize it as food. It’s not part of God’s original creation. After it’s been identified as a foreign invader the immune system goes to work attacking it. The most common GMO crops are soy, corn, canola, Hawaiian papaya, and sugar from beets. This short list includes a huge variety of foods in the market. All foods cooked with canola oil or vegetable oil that’s derived from soy, corn, or canola. Anything with high fructose corn syrup, meat from any animals who’ve been feed with GMO corn or soy. Any cereals made with GMO corn. The good news is if it has a “USDA organic” sticker it by law also has to be non-GMO.

The biggest culprit of all when it comes to food allergies and autoimmunity has to be wheat. Wheat is technically not GMO, however it has been hybridized so much that it acts like a GMO in your body. The US originally started with scores diff types of wheat grains. Now it has been blended down to only about three. Why all the hybridizing? In the original grains some would rise better others, and others had a better texture. So to make the perfect bread they kept blending features all these different one’s till they came up with a super bread that acts exactly how they want it to.Though it sounds good that super bread has your body super confused. Because it barely resembles God’s original creation the body says, what’s that? And attacks it. Also no animal or safety test were done when they created the new strains.

To give you an idea of how far off these new wheat hybrids can be, it was found in one new wheat hybrid that 5% of it’s proteins were not found in neither of the parents. That’s just one wheat hybrid. With the tens of thousands of wheat hybridizations that have occurred you’re going to come out with some very different bread. I’ve been told our current bread has four times more gluten than the original strains. Most modern bread raises your blood glucose more than table sugar. On top of it all during production many of the non-GMO wheat crops are covered with pesticides derived from other GMO sources. In short, the body ingests toxic hybridized and genetically modified foods and it triggers the an autoimmune response.

The Predicted Future
Does the Bible have any insight to help explain this terrible epidemic? Did this catch God by surprise? Christ predicted this would happen. One of the 11 major signs of the end that Christ gave in Matthew 24 is “pestilence” that means plagues or diseases. The good news is that God loves you and me so much that He did not leave us without a plan to help fight autoimmunity!  Please leave a comment below & sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in an in-depth ebook covering this protocol detailing exactly how I have reversed my autoimmune disorder. I’ll contact you if and when it comes out.

In Revelation 17 a woman who God calls a the mother of harlots is pictured. This woman is the antichrist power. Many prophecy bloggers will tell you this woman resembles some other power but that can not be. If you look at her features she has the identical features of the little horn of Daniel 7 and the composite beast of Revelation 13 which are both pictures of the antichrist. The Bible also calls her a “woman” and if you know what a woman in prophetic language means then you know that this has to be the same antichrist pictured in Daniel 7 and Revelation 13.

This antichrist power is also called the “Mother Of…Abominations Of The Earth” in Revelation 17:5. It’s interesting to see in the Bible what practices are the foremost in being labeled an “abomination.”

Here are the top three application for the word abomination in the Bible   (check out)
1. Idolatry (about 15 references)
2. Unclean foods (12 references)
3. Sexual Immorality Sexual Immorality (8 references)

Notice the second abomination on the list, unclean foods. Did you know that in the Bible God instituted a diet that has been promised to give the best possible health? Under these Biblical health laws many different kinds of foods were prohibited. To eat these prohibited foods was considered an abomination and you would be considered contaminated and defiled if one ate them. Today however, due to GMO’s, chemicals, and engineering we are finding more foods that are becoming corrupted and thus unclean. It’s not because God made them that way, but because man has been defiling and corrupting the food supply.

Is the Bible accurate?
Could it be that the antichrist power is behind the corruption of the food supply in the world today? By far the most infamous company for the corruption of the modern food supply by chemicals and engineering is Monsanto. It’s been stated by some that there are interesting ties between Monsanto’s founder John Francis Queeny (1859-1933) who founded Monsanto in 1901 and the antichrist power. However I can neither confirm these ties or make positives statements in regard to it. But if such facts could be verified what incredible fulfillment it would be of Revelation 17:5!

What can you do? Please leave a comment below & sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in being notified at the release of an in-depth ebook covering this protocol detailing exactly how I have reversed my autoimmune disorder. If you do so, I will contact you if and when it comes out.

God Bless you friends, and if you’ve been blessed share what you’ve learned.

Gabriel Arruda



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Written by Jennifer Arruda