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Who are the Nephilim? Are they human giants that are a product of the angels intermarrying with humans?  The Nephilim are a hotly debated topic today, with evidence of Nephilim skeletons being found all over the world. Did Nephilim giants really inhabit the world at one time? Who are the “sons of God” that came and intermarried with the “daughters of men?” Where do we even get the word Nephilim? And beyond all of this, what do the Nephilim have to do with a prophecy about the Hollywood entertainment industry?

Gabriel Arruda, director and speaker for explains who the Nephilim really were, why this matters to you and how this is linked with the current entertainment industry of today. This mysterious topic of Nephilim giants is derived from Genesis 6:4 where it says, “there were giants in the earth in those days.” The idea that angels came down and slept with human women poses some perplexing issues and even casts some concerning questions about God’s character who would allow his angels to come down and have sexual relations with human women. In this video, you will get solid Biblical insight into this topic and see how understanding the clear Bible truth on this topic answers all question about God’s character that this topic brings up. God bless you and enjoy the video.

Written by Jennifer Arruda