April 17, 2017 Featured 1 Comment

With months in the making, my wife and I finally¬†just released my 100-page eBook testimony sharing my story of dealing with autoimmunity and how we learned of an incredible protocol that was able to reverse it in only nine months. To help support our ministry of preaching God’s last day message to this dark world, we’ve made this eBook available to the public.

What you can expect to learn in the eBook:

  • The practical, 5-Step Plan I used to reverse my autoimmune disease
  • How I effectively counteracted the genetic factor of my condition
  • Ancient Bible secrets for true healing
  • The one vitamin that works better than steroids for the immune system
  • Why the Paleo Diet doesn’t work in reversing autoimmune
  • The specific diet that stopped my autoimmune disease in its tracks
  • Why autoimmune diseases have exploded onto the scene out of nowhere
  • How all autoimmune diseases work

Written by Jennifer Arruda