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How I Reversed My Autoimmune Disease eBook

How I Reversed My Autoimmune Disease eBook


Hello, my name is Gabriel Arruda. I reversed my autoimmune disease, and I’d like to tell you how in my 100-page eBook.

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What I share in my 100-page eBook:

  • The detailed, 5-Step Plan I used to reverse my autoimmune disease
  • How I effectively counteracted the genetic factor of my condition
  • Ancient Bible secrets for true healing
  • A little known about resource that many are using to discover what’s causing their autoimmune disorders
  • The specific diet that stopped my autoimmune disease in its tracks
  • How all autoimmune diseases work and therefore how to effectively heal the root cause
  • Why they have exploded onto the scene out of nowhere
  • The devastating effects of autoimmunity on my dental health and what I did about it
  • How I effectively eliminated my accompanying skin fungus
  • What I learned during my recovery that ended up being even more important than healing from autoimmune


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