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Bible prophecy is rapidly fulfilling friends! This no-nonsense series exposes Satan's deceptions that are both inside and outside of the church.

Be informed, because knowledge, rightly applied, can save your life. What you don't know will hurt you!

Revelation Revealed DVD Series

Have you ever wondered what all of those symbols in Bible prophecy mean? This incredible 20-part series unlocks the major prophecies found in the mysterious books of Daniel and Revelation.

In this series, you’ll learn the true identity of the Antichrist right out of the Bible. He’s alive and well as we speak, executing plans that are fulfilling Bible prophecy.

You’ll also learn about…
  • the Mark of the Beast
  • Islam’s role in end-time prophecy
  • the Battle of Armageddon
  • unknown facts about the tribulation
  • the United States in prophecy
  • and much, much more!

By the time you're done watching this series, you'll know more about Bible prophecy than your pastor!

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Whether you are searching to understand Bible prophecy or enrich your current understanding, this professional, clearly-presented series will challenge you to seek the TRUTH that comes straight from God’s word.
Kindra G., Mother and Housewife
It was very powerful! You’re going to get an understanding of prophecy that you’ve never understood before. You’re going to hear the truth.
Dan A., Network Administrator
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Incredible DVD Series

Is the End Near? Prophecy Made ClearThe Origin of Evil: If God Is Good, Why Is There Evil?Unveiling the AntichristThe Beast's Greatest DeceptionGod's Great JudgmentHow to Survive the Last-day CrisisThe Subject that Satan HatesRevelation's Remnant and the Wrath of the DragonRevelation's 144,000God's Financial Prosperity Plan
The Bible's Most Important Prophecy
The United States in Bible Prophecy
The Rapture, Israel, and the Tribulation
The Mysterious Realm of Death
What and Where Is Hell?
The Mark of the Beast
Mystery Babylon: Revelation's Scarlet Harlot
Modern Prophets, Visions and Dreams
Islam and the Battle of Armageddon
The Unpardonable Sin
I loved it! There is so much confusion in this world, and I’m very thankful how Gabriel elaborates the prophecy in an understandable manner. He covers an array of interesting topics and information which comes straight from the Bible for beginners or advanced. The book of Revelation always confused me. I prayed to God for wisdom on the subject and thanks to Gabriel, now I understand the things that are very essential for my spiritual growth. God wants us to be on top of the things contained in the books of Daniel and Revelation, and knowledge matters! It left me wanting more. I want to encourage Gabriel to continue changing lives with this amazing series!! Very powerful deliverance. I give it 5 stars. Looking forward to more!
Ambar C., College Student

Through the series I understood that the Bible really does reveal a lot about what will happen in the future.
Kaya T., Dietitian

It was easy to understand. Revelation was really revealed during this seminar. It was life changing, that’s all I can say. It was life changing.
Kodi P., Student
It uplifted Christ. And while it presented the truth about what can be expected, it also presented it in such a way that we can have hope in Jesus. That was very encouraging to me because we are living in some pretty scary times.
Linda B., Nurse Practitioner
If you’re eager to start some serious studying of the Bible, grab your Bible and get ready to learn! After watching the first part of Revelation Revealed I knew that this DVD series was going to be an eye-opener. The imagery alone helped me understand concepts within the Bible that I never could quite grasp. The explanations of Scripture were thorough, clear and continually referenced back to the Bible. As I watched this series, I never forgot about Jesus or His plan. This DVD set is perfect for beginners and a great refresher for those avid Bible students. I plan to purchase a couple of sets for outreach purposes.
Nicole K., Social Worker
I never read the book of Revelation because I was petrified of it. So everything I learned was new, and it took a lot of my fear away.
Stormy S., Retired
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